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Company Culture
The Broad Mind and Creative Thinking

The construction of company culture is an effective channel to cultivate the good occupational morality of employees, and carry forward the unique enterprise spirit. Through the publicity of enterprise culture and the increase of the coherence, centripetal force and competition awareness of the enterprise, 101 Group has realized its general target and met its general requirement. During the construction of advanced enterprise culture with its own characteristics, 101 Group creates the joint ideological concept, value tendency and trade criterion of employees. As a result, the good image of the company is being carried forward constantly. The company culture supplies the vigor for the existence and development of enterprise, and becomes a permanent power for the growth of the company.

Company Tenet

Laying emphasis on moral, curing diseases and saving people, managing enterprise on the basis of law, dedicating motherland with economic benefits

Strategic Goal

Reform and promote traditional industry, and create 101 to be an international brand of traditional Chinese medicine.

Company Goal

No matter where human beings go, they will enjoy the service of Zhangguang 101

Company Spirit

The spirits of constant self-effort, unity, opening-up, hard-bitten struggle, indomitable enterprising and wholehearted dedication.

Company Mission

Work for the health of the public with good product and individualized service; drive the prosperity of the community and the improvement of the environment with the development and advancement of the enterprise.