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Science & Technology
The Intensive Research and Development Institute Brings about Hi-Efficient Technical Innovation

In 2000 the Group established a hi-tech enterprise in Beijing ? Beijing Zhangguang 101 Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. with an investment of 50 million yuan, occupying 15,000 square meters. The enterprise, which was built strictly based on GMP standard of medical enterprise, owns a scientific research production building with national first-rate manufacture and inspection equipment. 101 Hair Institute affiliated to Beijing Zhangguang 101 Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. possesses 11 doctors-in-charge, 6 associate doctors-in-charge and 30 scientific researchers with rich clinical experience. Besides, the institute also invited some related experts and professors from scientific research institutes and universities in Beijing to join in, taking the world puzzle ? hair shedding proof and treatment as the main target to reach, jointly setting up related subject, and conducting in-dept discussion and study to hair diseases together as well as the development of new products.

With the introduction of current sophisticated extraction technology for distilling traditional Chinese medicine, employing the advanced theory of "Targeting Medication", the company conducts the research and development of hi-tech products, realizing the ideal combination between Chinese traditional medicine and high technology of the world. The first-class research team and the advanced international research institute make it certain that Zhangguang 101 becomes the leading brand in the market. 101 Group will seize the opportunities to expedite its development in order to become a top-rank modernized hi-tech giant in the field of hair regrowth.

The Top-rank Products Root in Exquisite Techniques

101 Group pays attention to the development and application of production technology. With the modern advanced technology "vacuum homogenization" and the reform in the distillation of traditional Chinese medical preparation and the distillation of the effective elements of traditional Chinese medicine, especially in the manufacture techniques of finished products, the fluidity and smell of the products have been improved greatly.

The company is continuously increasing the scientific content of traditional medical science so that the effective elements contained in the Chinese medicine formula can become purer and more concentrative eventually, ensuring that the technical level of the company is synchronous with that of the world.

Pacemaker of Hair Regrowth Industry

From the successful research and development of 101 products in 1974 to present, after undergoing 30 years' trials and hardships, 30 years' endeavors, and 30 years' unremitting pursuit, the historic monument in hair regrowth industry erected by today's Zhangguang 101 enables the brand of 101 to enjoy unprecedented reputation at home and abroad:

* Inaugurated the epoch of Chinese hair regrowth industry successfully, and made outstanding achievements for the development of hair career and rise of hair products.

* Being a forerunner of hair regrowth industry, take the lead in obtaining the batch number for the hair formula products WEI ZHUANG TE ZI approved by the Ministry of Public Health. It is a pioneer enterprise in hair regrowth industry.

* Mr. Zhao Zhangguang, the inventor of 101, is one of the scientists and inventors in the same trade who obtained Science & Technology Approbation Certificate issued by the state council at early time, and have the privilege to use the special subsidies of the government.

*As a most influential brand in hair regrowth and hair shedding proof with traditional Chinese medicine, 101 is the only hair regrowth gift presented to the head of foreign government. The good effects bring about resounding and far-reaching influence in the international community.

* Among the firms of the same trade, 101 is the only brand that won 11 international awards successively in the World Invention Expositions. It caused a great sensation throughout home and abroad, and has been accredited by both Chinese and the international communities as a well-known brand in hair regrowth, hair nourishing and hair shedding proof. Besides, it has promoted and established the status of the Chinese medicines in the international market.

* At present, 101 has the largest chain service organization for hair regrowth, hair nourishing, and hair shedding proof in the world (So far, there have been over 2,000 service centers across the world.). Its managerial mode "Combining Medical Science with Business, Promoting Business with Medical Science" provides good service for hair losers. Meanwhile, the products of the same kind also strive to follow the lead of this managerial mode.

* With its brilliant performance, classical development history and unique managerial mode, 101 was compiled into the Typical Cases of Chinese MBA and the Records of Zhongguancun Science Park.

* Depending upon its incomparable authoritative technology as well as the safe and effective quality assurance, 101 have passed the authentication of ISO9000. It ranks first among the firms of the same trade in its popularity, reputation and efficacy, and it is entitled as "expert in hair health" as a compliment.

Honorable Journey

Faced with present furious market competition, the products, science & technology and the service of 101 make it outstanding and gain the global accreditation and recognition. While guaranteeing the quality of the products, the company also needs to improve its quality and service level constantly. Only in this way can 101 remain invincible and make for resplendence continuously.

* First-grade knight medal holder in the 36th Brussels ULIKA Invention Exhibition

* Oscar invention award and gold medal of product holder in the 16th Geneva New Technology Invention Exhibition

* Gold-cup winner of Paris Industrial & Commercial Chamber of France 1989 Gold medal winner of the 1st Beijing International Exposition

* Gold medal winner of "Shen Nong Cup" in the 1st Traditional Chinese Medical Culture Exposition of China

* 1991The only gold medal winner in the 14th World Invention Exhibition of the Same Kind of Products in New York, USA

* 1993Gold medal winner and Premiership gold-cup winner in the 42nd Brussels ULIKA Invention Exposition.

* 1997Gold medal winner in Malaysia International Famous Special and High Quality Products Exhibition